Could someone...

tapsalteerietapsalteerie Posts: 2
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... please identify this plant.  Miss Oyl, my lovely g/f <3 , is driving me crazy with sleepless nights not knowing what it is!  :s


  • Not sure, but it looks like one of the dactylorhiza, terrestrial orchids.
  • Agree.
    What a stunning clump.
    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • tapsalteerietapsalteerie Posts: 2
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    Thank you very much p-p and S-s !!! 👍👌  I spent ages trying to find the darn thing on Google and online plant sellers to no avail, when I should have asked the knowledgeable people on at first. Off to water me spinach bed 🌿🌿🌿.
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