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Sad looking olive tree

Juniper4Juniper4 CheshirePosts: 77
My olive tree that I’ve had for 4 years is looking a bit sorry for itself. A bug has eaten its way round my tree and some the leaves are turning brown. Any advice on what to do with it? It is potted and gets the sun in the afternoon. 


  • that looks like adult vine weevil damage on the leaves, in which case the amount of damage makes me think the soil it's in must be crawling with grubs feasting on the roots, get a nematode treatment on it sharpish!
  • Juniper4Juniper4 CheshirePosts: 77
    @treehugger80 can I buy this product from local B&Q or garden center? Which brand would you recommend?
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 9,867
    Your poor tree looks decimated.
    Nematodes are the way to go if possible as th80 has said as they are an organic answer to the problem. I haven't had need to use them, but know they are only active above certain temperatures.

    There's an RHS article here that gives details of your options-

    Hope you manage to save your tree.

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  • Juniper4Juniper4 CheshirePosts: 77
     @Pete.8 thank you for the link. I hope my tree can be saved. I’ve seen liquid treatment which costs £25 and above. Hubby’s thinks it best to buy a new tree for that price. 
    Im hoping that I’ll find a natural remedy for getting rid of this pest. Not sure if marigolds are still available to purchase this time of the year. 
  • if this pots got vine weevils, so will all your other pots, as well as some susceptible plants in the ground (like primula family) you can get nematodes online cheaply, Ebay is your best bet
  • Juniper4Juniper4 CheshirePosts: 77
    @treehugger80 on my estate the developers have planted shrubs on the front of our houses. These also look like the leaf beetles have been munching on them too. 
    My olive tree is surrounded by a lavender bush. Which has beetles living and eating on it this summer. 
  • that beetle is a rosemary beetle, the adult and larvae will eat the leaves and flowers but don't do as much damage as vine weevils as they don't touch the roots
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