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Is it ok to plant a rose and clematis together?


I am wanting to plant both side by side and was wondering if it is ok to plant in same container, or do they need to be separate?



  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,138
    Both these plants are very hungry plants and the clematis will need lots of water, especially in a pot so try, if you can, to plant them in the gorund where they make excellent partners, assuming your rose is a climber or a rambler up which the clematis can scramble.

    If they must go in pots give them one each, mnimum 60cm deep and wide but deeper is better.  Give them the best John Innes no 3 compost you can find with some multi purpose mixed in to help retain moisture.   Plant the rose with its graft union about 3cms below soil level and the clematis about 4"/10cms below the top.

    Planting composts have nutrients that will last only 90 days or so which means you need to give a generous top dressing of slow release fertiliser every spring and regular watering with something like tomato food or liquid seaweed feed.    In hot weather you may need to water every day so give each pot a mulch of bark chips or slate chippings to help retain moisture.

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  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,081
    I'd agree with @Obelixx. Unless your container is about the size of a bath [ ;) ]neither of them will really thrive long term.
    Some clematis won't like the same conditions as roses either. 
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  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,862
    ...sorry... I would want to know the name of the rose, the name of the clematis and the size of the pot...
    ...strong growing shrub roses like 'Desdemona' can easily cope with short growing 3-4 foot clematis of the Boulevard series,...  I would expect a pot of around 2 x 2 foot... with due diligence from the gardener... the garden you can plant them in the same largeish hole... Geoff Hamilton used to do it too..
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  • Thanks so much for the great advice, I can't tell you how useful that is to me right now. So, I have mpc with john innes and ordinary mpc - would it help to put blood, fish and bone or bonemeal in at the roots or do i mix it? Also, would chicken manure pellets be of any use added to the mix?

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