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Climber for shade

My mother in law is looking to grow a climber against the brick wall at the rear of her garden. A trellis can be attached if necessary. Shes looking for something that will grow to/ can be kept to about 2m tall and 3m wide.

The wall is East facing so gets some sun in the mornings but only for a few hours. The soil is generally quite well draining. We're in the SE.

Shes looking for something that gives year round interest, but that ideally flowers autumn/winter.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



  • Jasmine nudiflorum (Winter Jasmine) would give her yellow flowers in the late Autumn to late Winter. Clematis macropetala will survive that aspect and flower in Spring, leaving fluffy seed heads when the flowers have finished.
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    Have a look at clematis cirrhosas such as Freckles, Jingle Bells, Wisley Cream.   They are evergreen and flower over the winter months.

    They need good soil preparation so their feet are in good, rich soil with plenty of nutrients and some moisture retention as, like nearly all clematis, they are hungry, thirsty plants.   It will need planting 18 to 24 inches/45 to 60cms away from the wall so it is not in the rain shadow and the bricks don't suck up too much water.   Water it well then plant it in a good hole which is a few inches deeper than it was in the pot.  This will encourgae extra stems to form to give more flowers.  Water well after planting and until established.

    They can be trained along tensioned wires attached to the wall using vine eyes which are just screw-in fittings with a stem and a loop at th eend thru which you pass the wires.   Available from good DIY stores.   Space them 12"/30cms apart up the wall and pull them tight with tensioners.   Train the stems a shorizontally or diagonally as possible to encourage flowering.   Prune after flowering finishes and to keep it in bounds.
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  • Thanks @yorkshirerose both look interesting. I'll suggest them to my mother in law
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