Liquid gold

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Are there any other weirdos out there who use their own pee to fertilise their plants?  I've always used it as an activator whenever the contents of the compost bin looked dry and not inclined to rot.  I discovered other ways of using it in a book I found on a friend's shelf:  "Liquid gold: the lore and logic of using urine to grow plants."  I bought my own copy.

When I moved to my present home, I found in the garage. among other useful items, two plastic dustbins with lids.  Inspired by the book, I crammed them full of corrugated cardboard, and began adding a daily dose of fresh pee. I have kept the bins going, one to fill and one to rot.  Despite the close-fitting lids, the brandlings and woodlice somehow find their way in, and over a couple of years they produce a pulp that makes an excellent autumn mulch for the veg beds.  And it doesn't smell bad.

How do you use yours?


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