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  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 5,099
    Bit of a mixed bag last night , think Anneka might be in trouble. 
    Far too early to be awarding 10s , l feel.
  • The best and worst bits "I like the false teeth Anton" funniest bit in 17 series of strictly, Anneka's dance was tragic, the idea might have been good but the running around wasn't. Now to show what I know about dancing, I thought Chris danced well but none of the judges did, maybe it was a camera trick. 
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    I laughed so much at the Anton’s teeth bit that my cats were looking at me like I’d gone mad 🤪
    Some dances were suspiciously good and some, well, not actually dancing. 
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    Anneke's performance was truly dreadful.   Michelle was impressive as was Dev.   Emma' salsa was positively sedate but did start off with some armography.  Stupid fuss baout here fear of those piddly lifts.   Much hilarity over the teeth remarks.  Much grumping about really bad music for Paso.

    Too many 9s and 10s.  I wish they'd mark the others more realistically so the good ones can be too and we'll get to the 8s, 9 and 10s when the good ones get nearer the mark.
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  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 5,099
    I must admit that the "Anton's teeth" bit did make me laugh, the expression on Craig's face !
    I think the trouble was they marked the very first dance (Michelle) so highly it left them with nowhere to go. She was good, it was unfortunate that she danced first.
    I liked Chris & Karen's dance, l'm a sucker for the old fashioned style  (and l thought he suited the clean shaven look, he reminded me of Matt Baker).
    I liked Emma and Aliaz's dance with the Downton Abbey theme, but l don't think it really fitted together with the music.
    Finally,  much as l like Kelvin and Oti, there was no way that was worth one 10, let alone 2. I thought he nearly dropped her at least once.

    PS What do you think of the judges giving standing ovations ?

  • What did you think of Katya falling twice?
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  • I'm not sure that Mike will ever learn to dance he's just such a weird shape but I can't knock him for trying, the judges seemed to say that David could never learn to dance and that he was "on his own journey" or something but he looks to me as if he is more capable of dancing than Mike would ever be, oh! and Katya should take more water with it. :)
  • 1Runnybeak11Runnybeak1 Posts: 8,503
    I wish the judges would just walk down the stairs and take their places without all the over the top faffing, smiling, twirling about and flinging themselves all over the place.   When CRH does his bit, he looks grotesque.  
    The ‘teeth’ bit was funny.    
    I think Katya was furious underneath that smile.   I didn’t see her almost fall twice.  I’ll have to look back.  
    As for Anneka, lest said the better. 🤐
    Kelvin is my favourite,  so far. 
    What was that ensemble Claudia was trying to wear ?   

  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 5,099
    @Valley Gardener, there are rumours on another forum that Katya was drunk (allegedly),  but she said the first slip was accidental , and the second was deliberate as the other dancers were chanting "slip, slip" as they came up the stairs to Claudia. 
    Have to admit l didn't see it as l fast forwarded through much of their dance and just got the scores.
    I did see her in the background looking furious later on, though as @1Runnybeak1 says.
    When you think what she achieved with Ed Balls (particularly Gagnam Style !) , l was hoping for something similar with Mike.
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    I enjoy the dancing and the costumes but can't be bothered with the rest of the keech. I record it and only watch the dancing. I thought the lassie who fell did so with great panache
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