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  • have not watched it for quite a few years - the inane goose-stepped paced slow clap along to nearly every piece of music (presumably to get into the rhythm) was just too annoying for words.

    Out of curiosity does anyone here clap-along to every dance ?
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    @Obelixx, Zoe Ball is still presenting ITT,  but not every episode . The other presenter is Rylan Clark-Neal, who seems to be getting everywhere at the moment .
    @BobTheGardener l know what you mean about the clapping ! Strangely enough,  l don't clap along .
    I believe it's encouraged by the producers, heaven knows why. I bet it annoys Dave Arch.
  • For a first weeks dancing some were really good. Although some scoring was rather random. 
    Thought the guy from Emmerdale was excellent. There were others too, although I don't know who they really are yet. The guy cleaning the car and the one with the man bun were great too.
    Wish they hadn't put Anneka in that track suit or arrived on the wire🙄
    Let's see what happens next week and who goes first 🤔

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    I find things like the Anneka start really embarrassingly bad and that tracksuit did nothing to help her dancing - nowhere to hide the lack of hip movement.

    I thought the judges' comments were generally positive and helpful this year - Motsie is good and her presence seems to have focussed Shirley better - and there were some really good performances but, overall, the marking was too high.  8s in week one don't leave much room for improvement and there's lots of technique and artistry to improve upon even for the best. 

    Encouraging night tho.  I think we're in for some good dancing in the next few weeks.
    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw
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    For show number 1 , I thought it went well , some with potential and some no hopers 
    I thought scoring to high , the only way could be down 
    Next week should be interesting 
  • I think that the judges are on a hiding to nothing trying to score Will Bailey everyone can admire his determination but how do the judges ignore his disabilities. The rest were a mixture of talent Kelvin and Saffron Barker looking very competent, Mike Bushell and Michelle Visage were better than I had expected and the younger unknowns looked full of enthusiasm and willing to learn, I fear for James Cracknell but who knows he may turn into a Graeme Swann.
  • Get Rylan Clark off of take two on one please, what is this are the Essex mafia trying to taken over the BBC, Gemma Collins and now Rylan? Keep them on ITV where they belong.
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    I like Rylan Clarke and was beginning to find Zoë a bit too gushy and gimmicky and fawning.  I hope we still get choreography critiques.  I'd missed the move to BBC 1 before the news so only caught the last 5 mins of Monday's ITT and haven't yet seen last night's.
    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw
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    @Biker , l agree. I was surprised by how good he was, especially as he had less training time than the others. I have just seen a bit of the training for next week's waltz on It takes two and that looks good even at this early stage. I thought he might be a bit too "muscular" around the neck but apparently Oti is making sure he keeps his shoulders down! 
    Have to say l like Michelle Visage's attitude. 
  • Some good dancing again tonight. Also some  rather random scores.
    Really wish they'd stop the time wasting at the beginning of some of the dances, especially the pancake flipping. The judges used to really moan about that and to many lifts.
    Shirley is completely different now Darcy has left......perhaps the rumours were true.
    Have a few favourites, the chap from Emmerdale being one.
    So who's going tomorrow 🤔🤔🤔
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