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  • Thought Strictly was on tonight......recorded it......just started watching and it's about the lives of the professionals. 
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    Personally didn’t bother to record , it been to Theatre this afternoon  , currently listening to Proms in the Park , excellent 
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    @star gaze lily They did say there were 2 weeks before the competition started and this week there would be a show about the professionals.

    Very indulgent and hceap TV but some good moments when they show proper highlights.  Not so much about how the professionals got to be there but that would need them to edit years and years of pro archives, wouldn't it?
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  • Yes, I know @Obelixx.....i forgot 
  • I stopped watching too Hazel, I didn't find very interesting either 😕😉
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    I quite enjoyed it, although l felt there was a bit too much of Kevin Clifton and Anton (although Anton is the "elder statesman", l suppose. He would make a good diplomat, it's more what he doesn't say about his partners,  if you know what l mean). 
    They certainly work hard, but l would have liked a bit more insight into the way they approach training with the various partners they have had. Katya made me laugh with her "Walk. No, like a human" comment, and she got very emotional when they showed her family,  as did Diane when she talked about her father.  Sometimes they seem so perfect you forget there is a human being under all that makeup and glitter. 

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    Too much whooping and hollering and not enough content about how they got into danicng - not always just to meet girls - and how they approach their own training and chorography creation as well as managingg diffent celebs.   Why does the Beeb insist on dumbing these programmes down to a level that assumes we're all comatose?
    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw
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    I felt for AJ when they showed (more than once), the time when he nearly dropped Lauren on the opening show. I felt like Neil was having (not so) subtle little digs at him the whole time. And as for Kevin and his OTT reaction through the years, on learning who his partner would be 🙄. I liked him when he first started, but l think his ego has taken over.
    Still, it's all part of the Strictly experience l suppose. I agree @Obelixx, it would be nice to get more of the background of choreography and psychology side of it,  that's the sort of thing they could cover on It Takes Two, instead of daft competitions and comedy videos. 
  • I couldn't agree more @AnniD.  About Kevin and "It takes two"the competition the professionals take part in with the fastest dance steps is fine,but the face pulling as they get their results is so annoying.
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    I gather Zoe is not presenting ITT this year so let's hope there's some improvements.  More choreography corner and less face pulling.
    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw
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