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  • I feel Oti's odds may have improved somewhat! 
    Talking of odds: who's gonna be involved in the first scandal this year? It's usually the non actors who have problems with the "strictly curse" because they're not used to being in that intense a relationship. Having had experience of acting (albeit at the Am-Dram end) and encounter groups it's very easy to mistake the relationship for one of a very different nature!
  • I haven’t watched Emmerdale since all there was to worry about was if Annie Sugdens apple pie didn’t burn.       I know who Kevin Fletcher is now.  Had to look it up though.   Let’s hope he can they have substitutes standing in the wings so to speak ?    SGL.   I hope Anneka and her manic grin goes first too.   I did read that she had had an injury and that’s why she wasn’t in the group dance.   Doesn’t bode well does it.  
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    Hi RB, yes I read earlier that she has a shoulder injury......apparently she fell in a friends garden. I wonder if she was running around like a headless chicken like she used too in her shellsuit😉 
    Also whilst browsing on my iPad about Kevin being the replacement for Jamie Laing, there was a photo of Kevin in a sparkly spangly top.......was he already lined up just in case?🤔🤔

    Hehe, he certainly has AnniD 😉😉
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    Could well be SGL.   I expect that they have a lot of people on standby, just in case of injury or someone injuring themselves while on the ol sherbet. 
  • I expect I'll watch it as it cheers up the winter Saturday night viewing. Never heard of most of them,but it's the same most years. Not quite the same without Darcy.
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    I watched Emmerdale until we moved to France in 1985, I liked Frazer Hines - he must be in his mid 70s by now.

    I haven't heard of most of them either, doesn't matter, it's fun and colourful whoever they are.

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    ''Appen in 'Otten Mr Wilkes".....
    Amos Brierley,  there was a character.  I used to have a bit of a crush on Frazer Hines back in the day.
    Meanwhile, back on Strictly ......
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    I never watch the first few weeks, and given the chance would mute the telly the moment the dance ends.  The idiotic screaming and whooping, along with standing ovation for a celeb who has barely managed to stay on their feet is ridiculous.
  • Well we always used to mute Brucie, but I know what you mean KT53....😁
    The whole truth is an instrument that can only be played by an expert.
  • Well we always used to mute Brucie......
    Euphemistically, Brucie is now permanently muted 
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