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Molinia Caerulea grass

Another grassy question.  I have this grass, a pathetic little thing that was bought unseen as a plug plant offer.  How will it look when mature - does anyone have this plant and will it improve with age?


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    There are ashtrays of emulsion,
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  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,046
    Similar story to the Calamagrostis... check out Knoll Gardens website for what to expect when it reaches a decent size. 
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    They can be so lovely, particularly in autumn and early winter when you get a light frost of the flower spikes and they are magical.  Needs a bit of space to look its best, but we love ours.

    Can’t remember which one this is, but gives you the idea.  Took a couple of years to get to this stage from a tiddler.

  • I see I should have bought a few of thees grasses as they obviously look so much better in groups or dotted along a border or bed.  Mine is such a measly looking young plant at the moment, I found it hard to visualize how this one small pot that I have could make an impact.  I will plant it out before flowering time next summer - perhaps in the Spring  and hopefully by then my Molinia will look more like the impressive plant that @Helix owns, I may even be able to divide the plant before putting in it's final position.  Thanks.
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