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non flowering hemerocallis

berardeberarde Posts: 145
I have a number of plants which flower poorly or some years not at all. As I have much more time to garden I would like to make the most of what I have. Perhaps I can start with 3 hemerocallis
I have 2 orange hemerocallis , one plant split, and a single yellow one. They have been there for about 20 years, but I haven't given up as I like the foliage which are architecturally interesting. I did put one of the orange in a pot and it flowered rather better, but back in the garden this year one orange had 2 stalks, the other 1 stalk and the yellow had a modest flowering some 4 years ago, but nothing since. I mulch with garden compost and this year it they had three bloodfishbonemeal  end of march, April May. I know they like sun, one of them doesn't get so much sun , but the other get plenty. I can't think of what more to do. Any ideas as it is a bit frustrating!


  • Daylilies can stop flowering if they get overcrowded, and after 20 years they will be, if you have not thinned them out occasionally! If that is the case then I would suggest digging them up and thinning them out in the next few weeks.
    I doubt if they need so much blood fish bonemeal either. I never fertilise my daylilies and they perform well.
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,010
    I have a gardening friend who tells me day lilies need lifting and dividing every 3 years or they get cramped and stop flowering............   She has been proved right for me at least.  I get far more flowers now I lift and divide regularly.
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  • Hello @berarde,

    I tickle wood ash around each plant in early spring .... and mine all flower their socks off.

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  • LynLyn Posts: 23,190
    As Obelixx says, they need dividing ever three years, you may need a pick axe to get them out, that’s what we had to do when we moved here.   
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