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Seed ID help please

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone here has an idea what these seeds might be. I ordered Echinacea “Cheyenne Spirit” seeds on Amazon, not realising that they were coming from China. Now that they have arrived it’s pretty obvious that they are not echinacea seeds, and I have requested a full refund (being Amazon, I don’t expect that will be a problem). But the question remains: What are they? Any thoughts? 

Thank you so much in advance 😊

Juli 🌸


  • Oh, I should add, they are about 4mm across. 
  • They remind me of elm tree seeds ... not that I’ve seen any for years ... no mature elms about here 😢 
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  • Yes, I can see the similarity. I don’t think it’s actually elm, but probably some sort of tree. 
  • Hollyhocks?
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  • LynLyn Posts: 21,402
    They’re definitely not echinacea and as they have come from China I would put them in the dustbin, that’s what I would do,  you must decide. I don’t like to think of introducing something here that may not be desirable. 
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  •  I don’t think they’re hollyhocks. The outer part of the seed is thin and papery, not hard. 

    Lyn, I think you’re right. That’s what I’ll do. I would never have ordered them if I’d realised they were coming from China. 
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