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Help! Bonsai dilemma

I've inherited a Bonsai grown by my Grandmother/Great Aunt which I have been keeping at my family home whilst I renovate my new garden. My mother failed to mention that the pot had been broken by a window cleaner a number of weeks ago, exposing the root system (see photos). 

Any advice about repotting greatly appreciated! Its been in the same pot for probably 40+ years & I just wanted a bit of hand holding! 


  • I would put it into the same size pot if possible. If the pot has to be slightly larger then I would use ideally a mix of 25% ericaceous, 25% multi purpose, 25% leaf mould & 25% grit. If that isn't readily available then 50/50 ericaceous & multi purpose. I've included the ericaceous as the plant looks like an Acer. I'd leave it alone after that until early March when you can tease out the roots (a chopstick is a good tool for this), trim a couple of centimetres all around the roots and back into same pot with the above mix. I don't feed any of mine, just trim & prune every two years and refresh the soil. I only water as needed and not at all after leaf drop as they live outside year round. Hope this helps and good luck.
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,854
    It's NOT a bonsai and it needs to go in the ground or a bigger pot.
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