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Help to identify plant please

Can anyone please advise what this plant is? I have tried to grow it in a tub this year but I suspect it may be happier in the ground with supports? Having moved into a new house, I've tried to replant or pot items until I understand what they are and I where best to replant in the re-landscaped garden. 

Should I cut it back hard once it has flowered for new growth next year? or does it need to self/seed to return next year? 

Thank you 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    Can't see the flowers properly, but from the way it's growing, I think it looks like Malva Alcea, the Greater Musk Mallow. If so, they would much prefer to be in the ground and should do much better. No harm in cutting it back now, they should not need supports when they regrow.
  • Many thanks for you help 
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