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Weed ID please :)


Could anyone help me identify the weed in the attached photos please?  I think it looks like Fat Hen but the leaves look too "toothy" and less spindly when comparing it to online photos of the same weed.  It seems to have arrived in a bulk 1 tonne topsoil bag I needed for new flower beds I created earlier in the summer and it's has sprung up all over them.  Only this year have I been able to finally eradicate ground elder from my garden after spending the last three years trying various methods to do so, so I really want to avoid going through that nightmare again.  :#



  • A quick scan by Google Lens found it matching with Chenopodium graveolens which is related to Fat Hen...maybe wrong but it does look similar. 
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  • Thanks George.  :)  Having completed a fair amount of research today I am now pretty satisfied that it is indeed fat hen of some or other variety.  Not the worst weed to remove but annoying to have had it introduced where I had none at all.  :/
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    Just make sure you pull it up before it sets seed, or you'll be hoeing out seedlings for the next decade.
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  • Yes, I certainly have been, Bob.  :)  The one in the photo was hiding in plain sight between two flowers until I finally noticed it.  At that point I thought I'd better get it ID-ed so I knew what I was dealing with.  I still have a few small seedling fat-hen weeds to pull up as they've appeared all over the place, but I'll get 'em on my next weeding blitz.  :)
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