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Prune and/or re pot blueberries?



  • JoeXJoeX Posts: 1,783
    Hi @Tin pot,

    You might be better with plastic rather than terracotta. Blueberries are thirsty plants and terracotta can dry out quickly.

    Bee x
    Unfortunately placed the order before reading this and other comments, I’ve raised them off the floor and put supports in, perhaps these will last them until next autumn?

    Looks a bit better though methinks 😀
  • pots look good - definetely an improvement to all together in one bag. Next year you will be able to use them for something else.
  • if you can get some trays for next year, they'll appreciate standing in a little water next summer.
  • I have mine in stewart 50cm smithy patio planters Watch out in garden centres sometimes they have two for the price of one deals, I may have had to drill holes in the base of the tubs I can't remember.
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