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Does a weed membrane inhibit alpines from spreading.

I have just completed setting up and planting an Alpine bed. I covered the soil with a weed membrane, cutting 'X's' to plant through. Then cover with stone chippings. I've left plenty of space for them to spread and a bit of room to add odd succulent that may take my fancy but, then I had a thought....  If the weed membrane prevents weeds from rooting, will it stop the purposely planted Alpines from spreading?


  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 8,858
    It depends on the alpine and the climate of the bed. There's quite a few that will happily grow in the gravel on top of the weed membrane and others that will spread out quite a way from the original root ball. If it gets baked in the sun they're less likely to spread.
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  • Cheers wild Edges.  I went to quite a bit of trouble making sure that the soil was able to stay moist but, remain well drained (a good mix of grit and non-peat compost).  Despite the really hot, dry period that came along only a week after I set the bed up, this mix of soil seemed to work out OK because, the plants were establishing quite quickly despite the intense sun and high 20's temperatures that was with us for a good few weeks. Now, just a month later, several have flowered and are beginning to spread nicely.
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