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Core aeration or add gypsum for a lawn on clay soil

Hi, should i use Core aeration or add gypsum for a lawn on clay soil to improve it? Also should i fill the holes left by the core aeration with horticultural grit?


  • Sam76Sam76 Posts: 149
    Any help welcome!
  • i would core it and add some sharp sand or grit to start with, then maybe do a covering (1-2mm) of lawn sand (or silver sand) and allow the grass to grow through that, repeat as long as the lawn is growing.
  • Sam76Sam76 Posts: 149
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,955
    I've seen gypsum mentioned before by various posters, but I've never looked up what it's meant to do.  :/

    I'd agree with @treehugger80 about the grit, @Sam76, and possibly a top dressing of some kind  if necessary.  :)
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  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 9,594
    Be careful of products labelled "lawn sand".  It's a moss killing treatment and needs to be spread sparingly at the correct rate.  For top dressing you want sharp sand, possibly mixed with loam/topsoil.
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