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Tall Evergreen for privacy in shadyish spot

Sam80Sam80 Posts: 40


Any advice appreciated please. 

I've an east facing part shady corner where I'd like to put a large pot or two (there's a drain there so I can't dig out the concrete) to give a little privacy (sorry please ignore the bags of compost). I'd like something that grows to around 8ft. I can get either a huge pot or a couple of large ones. My garden is mainly cottage garden but I'm flexible in this corner. I'd even consider a small tree as it's mainly summer privacy I need. 
The top will get morning sun and the whole area gets late afternoon/evening sun. 

I'm a bit paranoid about bamboo as I've heard the horror stories and I'd hate it to spread. Sorry I'm pretty ignorant on it. Do they self seed? Or are you safe if it's in a pot?  Can you even grow them in pots? If I put it in pots will I end up with my neighbour cursing me for any bamboo popping up in their garden? 

I saw some bamboo today called phyllostachys Nigra and  one called Aureosulfate.  Which looked like it would work and was ok with partial sun (although it's get more at the top than the bottom but that's where I need the leaves).

Any other suggestions welcome please. 

Thank you


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,966
    Bamboos are always a bit difficult, but it would work if you're prepared to put the effort in. 
    A Fatsia japonica would be fine, but again, you need a big pot. Anything you want to get to a big size, needs enough roots to support it.
    You could try Holly [Ilex] or Mahonia, but both are jaggy, so it depends how near it you have to be. Likewise Pyracantha and some of the Berberis.
    Eleagnus might be ok in a big pot - there are various types. I have Osmanthus in a raised bed which is fine, but it has access to the open ground, so I don't know how well it would do in a pot. Fine I would think, as long as it's big enough.  :)
    All of those would be happy with the aspect though.  :)
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    Don't worry about bamboo spreading if it's in a pot. Phyllostachys would be ideal. I have Phyllostachys aurea in a couple of 45x45 cube planters, nearly permanent shade from buildings. All I've had to do is top up the soil, give them the occasional water, and cut out older stems. 
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  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,661
    Why don't you just make the white fence a bit higher to match the wooden one? Much cheaper that buying a large plant.
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  • Sam80Sam80 Posts: 40
    Thank you all for the great ideas. I'll look at some of those. 

    I think the picure taken is at a funny and deceptive angle. Even over the brown fence you can still see into my garden from other angles and other windows. Although I may replace that ugly white panel anyway for a higher one as that would still help a bit. 

    Thanks very much
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