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Pond Critters!!

LongvillLongvill Forest of Dean Posts: 33
does anyone know what these are. They seem to be eating my pond plant!!
its a very new pond with just the one oxygenating plant but there is nothing left of it. Found these on it! Should I put them back in???


  • floraliesfloralies Haute-Garonne SW FrancePosts: 2,170
    I think it may be a water louse longvill.
  • Aka Water Slaters. they seem to be harmless, feeding on detritus.
  • LongvillLongvill Forest of Dean Posts: 33
    I have just googled them and they are water louse/ slaters. It says when there’s no detritus they will feed on plants. As it’s a new pond I guess there’s no enough dead stuff in it yet. I have removed the plant to give it a chance to recover. Not sure whether to put the critters back in or not. Should I add some rotten leaves for them to eat??? 
  • LongvillLongvill Forest of Dean Posts: 33
    Thanks all. 😀😀
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