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Tamarix tree

I have, what I believe, to be a Tamarix tree in my garden.  Rule of thumb is to prune after flowering but I didn't manage to do it during April/May this year and I am nervous about doing it as well.  It is now getting too big for my small garden.  Should I cut it back now or leave it until next April?  I want to be quite severe with the cut back so if I do it now, I presume it will just look like a toilet brush (branches with no green) until next spring.  If I leave it until after it flowers, will it grow green straight away?  I am worried I might kill it and it is such a beautiful tree.


  • cassie.a.stewartcassie.a.stewart Posts: 279
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    I heavily pruned mine in mid july and she's really thanked me for it. Just after pruning

    I read they can be cut right back into the trunk and still recover. 
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