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Lavendar Munstead care tips please

ErashaErasha Posts: 52
Looking for a little advice please. I bought 72 postiplugs from T&M that arrived in Winter, they've all been potted on then planted up in borders. They're doing fine and in the last few weeks have put on a lot more growth, but pretty variable in shape, some much taller and slimmer, others more bushy. I've read it's time to chop back english lavendar to encourage bushy growth. Does this include young plants like these?  How much should I be taking off? Do I pinch them out or shear them down?


  • I'd cut them back now, trim them over, really, probably by half maximum, aiming to shape the little creatures WITHOUT going down into the more woody growth.  E.g., if they're about 15cm tall, then I would cut them down to about 8cm. and if they've reached 30cm. then cut them down to about 12 - 15 cm.  Without seeing them, I'm slightly guessing at specific instructions for your plants, but shearing them over now will allow them to make short neat growth which will protect the inner parts for the winter and make them stockier next spring. Once they're into growth next year, I would shear them over again to ensure they stay chunky and don't get leggy as they push up flower stems.
  • Thank you very much for the advice, I've done as you say 😊
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