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two questions

Can they be formed into a stand-alone bush ?  they seem great going up things but could they be formed into a 10' diameter stand alone bush.

How easy are they to move ?  I would like to move this one rather than get rid of it, but what would the chances of it surviving be if I moved it now ?, it only has another week left here.


  •  I think they would be very difficult to grow as a bush. They don't tend to grow into a uniform shape, and put on quite a lot of growth annually which would be hard to control.
    Pyracantha is classed as a 'wall' shrub because it is ideal for growing against a wall or trellis.
    If you need to move your shrub take it out of the ground with as big a root ball as you can manage and cut the shrub back by about  50% to lessen moisture loss and to counteract any loss of roots as it is dug out. 

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