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Will this seedling eventually break out from it's casing.

This is a plum seedling that was inadvertently  left a bit too long in the airing cupboard due to temporary abnesia. You can see that by the length of the stem-it is only 4 days old (from when it came out of cupboard). It  should be fine but.....

Regardless of that, my question is will the leaves eventually break through the seed casing without intervention ?

The reason I ask on this occasion, is because there was always one or two leaves breaking through the casing on my other germinated specimens. This one seems somewhat entombed.

 I'm temped to 'leave it be' and just continue to squert small amounts of water on the casing from a syringe several times per day to soften the case.

Photo from either side of pot demonstrates issue.



  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,645
    Try dripping water gently on the casing every day to soften it so the seedling can push it off with its own energy.  Don't drown the seedling!
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  • If I increase the  screen size, I can see the start of a tear of the outer skin in the top photo. 
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