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    Flinster said:

    Sounds like a dead good plan!

    or the audience at the tory party conference
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    That always reads like silver corpse to me but I'm sure it looks good😉
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  • Ha ha, I blame predictive text!
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    You can use a mini roller to apply it. It needs to be the foam kind for applying gloss paint, not the fluffy ones for emulsion. It's less messy, and  ideal for a quick revamp each year on worn/weathered bits. 
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    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • We’ve had artificial ivy on one of our trellis for two years now. South facing fence, full sun. It still looks great. Most people never notice it’s not real. 
    We needed a quick privacy screen as the neighbours cut a large tree next to our fence. Originally it was meant to be a temporary solution until we grow some climbers - but we will keep it now as it looks good and doesn’t require any care. 
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    I think the colour choice should reflect your gardening style. If you are going for lines and formality and modern, then a shade of grey would be fab. However, if you are going for a Mediterranean vibe, blues are purple would be my choice. Cottage-y type gardens would suit the lighter blues and lavender and greens...….. 
    Paint choice is very personal but just remember that once you start to paint a fence a colour, you will need to repaint it every couple of years, unless you use something like Butinol/Butinox which will last 5-8 years between coats (downside is they have very staid colours). 
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