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Penstemon plum jerkum flowering time

EmerionEmerion Posts: 201
edited August 2019 in Plants
I planted some penstemon Plum Jerkum last year, and they are very healthy and well grown. However, they have all but stopped flowering (end of August). Advice on them said that they flower from July to October. I deadheaded straight away when every flower on each stem had fallen. Was that too late? A very few new flowering stems are rising, but it looks like they are petering out. Can I do anything else to prolong the flowering period? That patch is going to look sad during September because I was relying on the pemstemons to keep going a bit longer. 


  • LongvillLongvill Forest of Dean Posts: 33
    I think your flowers will come. I am no expert but wait and see. I had a second flurry of flowers just. 😄😄
  • EmerionEmerion Posts: 201
    OK, I’ll cling on to hope for a bit longer then 😁
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