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Growing an apple tree

bazabaza Posts: 670
I've started growing an apple tree from seed and it's about a foot and a half tall . I've already potted it on into a bucket and it seems to be ok. 
Just need some pointers on helping it grow and be healthy
Its grown from a golden delicious seed 


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    I would wait until it is about 3ft tall before doing anything.  Leave outside in full sun all year.  Once it is that tall, prune it back in winter to a strong bud at about 2.5ft making sure there are at least 4 good buds below the cut.  The top bud will then grow into a new leader and the lower buds should start to form branches which will become the lowest main branches.  After that just follow general young apple tree pruning guides.
    Or, do nothing at all as it will still grow into a tree all by itself! :)   There is no way of knowing what the apples will be like from any tree grown from seed due to the way they are pollinated, so you could end up with something resembling wild crab apples.  However, it will certainly grow into an apple tree and will be unique but may take many more years to fruit than a grafted variety.
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  • bazabaza Posts: 670
    Thanks Bob I was going to put it in the greenhouse over the winter but I'll leave it outside and follow your guidelines 
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