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Help with newly rooted Brugmansia please?

Hi everyone, 
I posted earlier in the year regarding my Brugmansia plant which I had overwintered from last year. It suffered die back and I thought it might die totally. Luckily you guys gave me really good advice and it did survive.
 Problem is one that once it started growing it suddenly slowed right down in late Spring and then the leaves started turning yellow and dropping. I did water and feed as per instructions, but I think I may have provided the wrong compost to the container? or something. I was going to get rid of it out of frustration but I decided to cut it from the base, trim the top and put it in water to root. See picture :

As you can see it has rooted well, but we are now in mid to late summer and I have no idea what to do for the best with this plant from this point on.
I do want to put it back in a container ultimately because I have only a balcony.
But any ideas in terms of late planting, overwintering, growing location (indoors or out) and soil/compost composition would be greatly appreciated.
thanks for reading.
BJ  :) 


  • bjazz28bjazz28 Posts: 71
    Thanks anyway 🙂
  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 10,087
    I've never grown them myself (too cold in the winter here and I don't have the space to overwinter them indoors) but the RHS's advice is here .  I hope that gives you some useful info.
    Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Soil type: sandy, well-drained
  • bjazz28bjazz28 Posts: 71
    Thank you Jennyj, 
    That was helpful, but I think I will have to 'chance it' in terms of planting it again, I might overwinter indoors and keep it going into next Spring when it will go back outside. Also I'm going to buy a better compost!
    Thanks again, 
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