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Fuchsia cuttings

I took about 8 cuttings from a mature hardy fuchsia around 7th August and have misted a couple of times daily and kept them fairly pampered in a vermiculite / compost blend.

The leaves have not wilted at all and with one exception, tugging gently on them meets with resistance.  I am hoping this is because they have started making roots, but don’t know.

if anybody has experience here, can I put to you a few questions:

1. If I inspect the roots by taking out of pot, will it damage them?  Should I just leave?

2. I’m just misting for now and the soil is moist ... but when to transition to normal watering?

3. If they have rooted, how best to make them survive winter?

4. If I can get them through winter, how fast growing are they?  I am trying to match an existing shrub but don’t know the cultivar so went with cuttings.  Just wondering how many years the cutting takes to become a 1-1.5m heigh/width shrub?



  • LynLyn Posts: 21,921
    Just leave them in the pot doing what you’re doing, when the roots show at the bottom of the pot it’s time to pot up individually.
     Put into 3” pots first, then gradually pot on when the roots are showing. Pick out the middle shoots, that will encourage them to grow from the base. 
    As they’re from a hardy one, they will be hardy too, so no need to worry,  just leave them in the greenhouse or cold frame over winter.

    It won’t  take long to get to a mtr tall, couple of years, if it’s happy.

    Don’t put in a pot that’s too big for it, just one size up at a time and don’t press them into the compost, they like they’re roots left loose,   also don’t put them in black pots through the summer, they hold the heat and fuchsias like they’re roots cool. 

    If you come back in the spring with a photo of how its grown, we can tell you if it’s ready to go out in the garden or what pinching it needs.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Ok thx Lyn, great advice!  
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