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Mexican Orange Blossom vs Container

ColarisColaris Posts: 9
could I grow a Mexican Orange Blossom in a container?


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,525
    You can in theory grow anything you want in a container, bonsai are the ultimate example of this, so yes, you can grow a Mexican orange blossom in a container. It would be better to go for one of the smaller varieties unless you want to be contantly trimming the plant. The size of container is important as you don't want to be potting on year on year and you want the plant to be happy so don't try and jam a large shrub into a very small pot. Ask for advice at the garden centre and they should be able to tell you the best variety to choose.
  • ColarisColaris Posts: 9
    Many thanks for the reply Ceres, it's a fairly big container, about one metre in width. I didn't actually realise there were different variaties, I just love the scent! 😊
  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,525
    This might help with chosing the variety.
    If you can't find what you want at the local garden centre, there are plenty of good online retailers. Search the forum for threads on buying online and you will find recommendations plus advice on which sellers to avoid.

  • ColarisColaris Posts: 9
    Thanks again.👍🏻
  • debs64debs64 Posts: 5,029
    I grow lots of stuff in pots and Mexican orange blossom does well for me. I have it in the purple and white scented area of the patio. 
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