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Viburnum Tinus / Spirea

harmonyharmony Posts: 396
Hi again, I've just noticed my Viburnum Tinus is a mass of buds and a couple are already opening, is this normal as I thought it flowered in winter. It is quite overgrown and I was planning to reduce it back in spring (after flowering) . But if its flowering now is it still safe to cut back as planned. Also if I deadhead the Spirea Anthony Waterer when the flowers have spent will it reflower. Thanks..


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    In my experience, the Spirea doesn’t tend to re-flower for this year.

    Viburnum Tinus can start flowering this early, and they are very slow to develop so best not to prune now, or you will lose the berries later in the year. However, if it is not of concern to you, you can prune back.
  • harmonyharmony Posts: 396
    No I won't prune now I love the flowers I will wait while next spring, I just thought it was strange to start flowering this early so thanks for the info...
  • ElothirElothir Posts: 94
    Can't really help with the question (though it appears to be answered anyway), but I have to say that Spiraea looks lovely with the Ice Plant poking out in front at the bottom :) .
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