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Horse tail problem



  • bazabaza Posts: 670
    Thanks mickmills I'll give that a go as well.  Its turned into a nightmare mate
  • Here are some pictures of how well it works 1) picture after treatment 10days on 2) picture a bit I had missed
  • bazabaza Posts: 670
    That's impressive . It's gone like straw. I'll defo give that a go especially while theres nothing in one side of my allotment. 
    Thanks again 
  • If all else fails.......move house!!!
    A gardener's work is never at an end  - (John Evelyn 1620-1706)
  • Oh I meant to say I mixed it up a bit stronger that stipulated maybe 30ml per Litre I’m not sure if that is required, I looked up on the web and can’t see any reference to anybody else using it but it worked for me

  • Yes, some selectives do work on horsetail. As you say, they can work out a little pricey though
  • Hi Wilkinsons hardware ( are selling Weedol Lawn Weed Killer for £8 for 500ml but it does last a while as the recomended ratio is 15ml to a litre for spraying and that works on the lawn fine I use it stronger when dealing with Marestail maybe 20ml to 30ml per liter but I suspect it would work with the 15ml its only that I dislike this pest so much as it was taking over my garden. Ill try using the quoted mix and see if that works as I have some in my lawn.
  • Hi Baza have you tried the Weedol Lawn Weedkiller yet just curious to see if it worked for you
  • Nothing more satisfying than seeing this in a weedy lawn.

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