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Alliums with minimal spread

Dirty HarryDirty Harry Posts: 1,048
edited August 2019 in Plants
I already have Allium sphaerocephalon which fits the bill but it's fairly late flowering.

I'm considering putting some of the earlier flowering varieties in the border as well but space is minimal so I'm curious as to which varieties are fairly tall with as little spread as sphaerocephalon?

The garden has a little bit of a lull in late spring/early summer before bursting into colour so the idea is these could help bridge the gap.

Purple rain looks to suit providing there's not large clumps of leaves at the base?


  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,414
    Allium 'Purple Sensation' is a little earlier, mid to late May in my garden. It disappears tidily as other things grow up around it. I have a couple of Allium christophii which follow on from 'Purple Sensation', I think Allium 'Purple Rain' flowers at the same sort of time. Talking of Purple Rain, my Salvia verticillata 'Purple Rain' also starts flowering as the Purple Sensation goes over - and is still in flower now.
  • Dirty HarryDirty Harry Posts: 1,048
    I had it in my head that purple sensation had a decent clump of leaves at its base from watching a GW episode earlier this Summer, could have been another variety though.
  • Dirty HarryDirty Harry Posts: 1,048
    I wasn't imagining it, one of the few I've been able to find a photo of that includes more than the flower head and top of the stem-

    That probably takes up a bit much space for what I'm after.
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