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Soft onions

I have lifted my onions and they have fat necks and appear to be very soft around the tops. Will this mean that they will not store well and is there anything I can do about is now?


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,691
    This from an allotment site....."If you’ve any onions with thick necks, perhaps they’ve started to bolt, separate these out and put aside to use first as they won’t store for long and like a rotten apple spoils the barrel a rotten onion spoils the bunch."
    You could maybe freeze the onions....there is a lot of information online about this.
  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,512
    The soft tops as well as the thick necks sounds a worry, that could be onion neck rot. 

    Over- rich/manured ground or over-feeding can cause thick necks or lifting before the foliage has died right back so they haven’t had a chance to harden off in the ground, before then lifting and fully drying before storage.

    If they have bolted, it will be because they got too hot and dry and the plant is trying to rapidly produce flower heads, a survival mechanism - you would see a long fleshy stem beginning to develop in the centre of the foliage.

    No, they won’t store well, I’m afraid, use them up and/or make lots of onion marmalade, chutney etc.
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