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Roses Blackspot

I have an outbreak of Blackspot on my roses. Some are affected more than others.  Its a shame as I have had a continuous display of bloom and even the ones affected with BS are still trying to produce bloom.  I have ordered some "sulphur" spray which will arrive in a few days and hope to stop BS spreading.   One rose in particular has lost many of its leaves.  I have gathered all the affects leaves and ditched them.

Question: Do I cutback the affected stems or leave them until the normal pruning time?


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Don’t worry about the back spot. Once you have it, that’s it for this year. All you can do is promptly remove fallen leaves. Some roses are prone to it, particularly towards the later part of summer, and it does not affect the flowering.

    Make sure your roses get a nice thick layer of well rotted manure every spring with a second feed after the first flush. 
  • Thanks for your response - really appreciated.
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