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Reseeding dead patches on lawn

Hi all,

I've recently laid a new lawn in my garden and unfortunately my new dog has done quite a bit of damage from urinating on it. I've treated the area to neutralise the excess nitrogen and removed the dead grass, now I want to reseed the patches. Am I able to just go ahead and fork the area / spread new grass seed with a little top soil and lightly water for a few weeks until established? I've attached some photos of the areas in question. Grateful for any advice.




  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,653
    Yes, in theory but best to wait till September when the air and soil temperatures and moisture levels are bettr for grass seed germination.

    That gives you time to mow the surviving gras a little shorter - but not scalp it - and rake over the bare patches to loosen the soil ready for the seeds.   If your dog pees again, just pour on a bucket of water to dilute it as soon as possible. 
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  • lizzie02lizzie02 Posts: 10
    Take a look at Dog Rocks, you put them in your dogs water, you should find these helpful.
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