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Fatsia Japonica yellowing leaves

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Another one of my Fatsia Japonicas is is suffering (I think). It is in a spot in the corner which is facing north east… So a lot of shade. It has produced the most gorgeous, large, dark green leaves for most of the year… But in the last month also has shown some shrivelling and yellowing with the leaves now looking washed out and despite picking up a little, still washed out. Any ideas what is going on?


  • It's probably a bit hungry. Being a foliage plant it relies in nitrogen to feed it's leaves. Nitrogen washes out of the soil in heavy rain. 
    Try a foliar feed of diluted liquid seaweed, but be aware that you don't want to have too much new growth when the temperatures start to drop at the end of summer.
    Apply a General slow -release fertilser in Spring ( Gro-More or Chicken Pellets for example). 
    Liquid Seaweed can be watered in too.
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