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I am afraid I do not know what plant this is but there is something definitely wrong with it! Do you think it is a disease, malnutrition or something else?


  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
    It looks like Wigelia Florida Variegata which needs a bit of TLC. It isn't dead! It should really be pruned straight after flowering (did it have pink flowers earlier?) as next years flowers appear on wood grown this year. However, you could prune the most stringy bits now and leave some of the better parts alone so you might have some flowers next year. You could reduce some of the bits in the foreground back by up to two thirds. Above all it needs a good watering. You could also dig in carefully,  some new compost and mulch on autumn. It responds quite well to pruning. It also grows well from cuttings. 
  • Yes it did have pink flowers. Thank you for the advice much appreciated....
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