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Senecio Angel Wings

In their second year, outside in raised bed. One plant looks just right. One plant clearly struggling.
Last plant has gone mad, thick tough stems and sprawling habit, becoming unruly. And signs of rust.  Can't really find a good care guide anywhere. Can anyone help??..Lots of sellers on line, but not much care info.....


  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
    I keep removing dried up leaves from the base. I kept one indoors over winter as I thought it would be ruined by winter weather. It got leggy so in spring I took the secateurs and cut the top off it. I planted it in another pot and it romped away and is now a lovely plant. The rest looked terrible with a cut stump and a lot of rather long side shoots.  Left to its own devices it soon filled in the gap and made another huge plant. The first of your pictures shows what I think is normal wear and tear. I don't think it is rust.The last one looks as though the smaller plant has just lacked water. I would remove the dry leaves and if it looks out of place, pot it up separately until it gets going again. I have grown several new plants after accidentally breaking off some leaves. I put them in water as I didn't like throwing them away and they made loads of roots. I had one which after potting it up, got neglected and looked a bit like the little one of yours. I potted into a better pot, removed the dry bits and a month later has perked up and is doing very well. I love them and if I'm not careful will fill the garden with them! If you need to cut the big one back, why not remove some of the lower side shoots, pot them up, get them going and give them to friends. 
  • Thanks, that's very comprehensive, sounds like they're as tough as old boots in the end. 
  • glasgowdanglasgowdan Posts: 632
    Snip it to the soil and it'll sprout back fresh. I cut mine down to 3inch stems and they came back looking lovely. 
  • Does anyone know what is attacking my Angels Wings?  The leaves are getting destroyed by something tearing them to bits and the garden is littered with bits of the leaves, so they’re not being eaten.  Wild life that I know makes us a visit are foxes and badgers.  Would you expect them to tear leaves? Sue
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