CURMUDGEONS' CORNER 4. I blame it on the eevil weevils 🐜



  • HexagonHexagon Posts: 922
    I’m feeling curmudgeonly about people who neglect their professional duties just because someone was rude to them. Professional misconduct. Don’t stoop to their level, you’ve got a job to do so you’re just as bad as him.
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    I now avoid our local pharmacist like the plague because staff in there are so rude.  My next door neighbour worked there part time and she went to work in another pharmacist because of their attitude. 
    I was in the queue one day waiting to pick up a prescription and they were serving an elderly gentleman who had come in to pick up his wife's prescription.  Assistant said she couldn't find it, but he was insistent that he had brought it in the previous day.  Assistant 'looked' again, she was gone and back in about 30 seconds - raised her voice at him saying "It's not there".  The pharmacist came out to see what the fuss was about, and she did explain to the gent that he had actually brought the prescription in 2 days previous and had collected it the previous day.  He was simply confused over the days and apologised.  He was still walking back to the door when the assistant said, loud enough for everybody in the shop to hear "Bloody old fool, shouldn't be let out on his own".  The pharmacist didn't say a word, and the assistant continued to work there.
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    Must admit, if staff are rude to me in a shop or anywhere else, I vote with my feet and take my money elsewhere.  Their loss.

    However, there is no excuse for being rude to staff either so it works both ways.   Please, thank you and excuse me go a long way and cost nothing.
    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw
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    Sometimes, a shop assistant might be the only person that a lonely person speaks to all day or even all week. How awful if that one person is rude to them😕
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    edited 24 August
    @#££%& Microsoft and their @##£%4ing updates.
    They wouldn't let me access my desktop until I agreed to their @#£%& advertising spyware. I said no to everything I could but I still had to  click accept. Much joy may they have of their personalised @#£%. I don't even use the @#£%&- laptop to buy anything😠
    Ooh I like the re d expletives!
    In London. Keen but lazy.
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    I use windows 7 and I've blocked all updates from both windows and apple. I'm convinced both are for their benefit and not mine
  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 3,684
    Good old Windows updates. 'We're just updating your computer to help protect you from hackers trying to steal our data. Sorry we mean your data... :# also we'll be stealing your data at the same time. Sorry if this half hour unscheduled update is inconvenient. Have a nice day'
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    I wasn’t rude but he has to learn that actions have consequences. My customer service is usually very good I have had several letters praising me but I don’t think I should have to be sworn at and abused for failing to find a product that doesn’t exist. 
  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 18,132
    Course not Debs.
    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw
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    Absolutely @debs64.  There's  a woman who works in customer service at my local Asda [where daughter works] and she must have the patience of a thousand saints when you hear some of the stories. She's unfailingly pleasant and helpful, but it must be hideously difficult at times.
    I used to work with someone who'd had a part time job, as a teenager, in Argos. The stories she told us. She's a very confident, able woman now, but she had some ridiculous [and downright sexually offensive] comments to deal with. Not acceptable.  :/
    I won't divulge the way my youngest was spoken to by my employer's daughter when she worked alongside me for a while. I say 'spoken' , but screamed at in her face would be more accurate. The worst bit of it was the fact that her mother was standing four feet away and said nothing. 
    It's a big part of the reason I retired when I did. 
    B3 is also right about it possibly being the only conversation, with another human, someone might have that day. I know @Hostafan1 has been in that position.  :)
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