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Hard pruning Virginia creeper now (August)

stuli67stuli67 Posts: 6
A friend of mine has a very overgrown Virginia creeper, bulging out several feet from it's wall support. Despite losing the autumn display she'd like it hard pruned back but she doesn't want to lose it completely.
Would cutting it back now harm it or is it indestructible?!
Thanks loads


  • stuli67stuli67 Posts: 6
    Oh we live in the south of England if that helps
  • Dirty HarryDirty Harry Posts: 1,030
    edited August 2019
    Not quite the same but my neighbour has boston ivy that comes over to my wall, all down the length of the entire garden.

    I think you could napalm it and it wouldn't give a shit.

    Would it not be easy enough to give it a decent prune to keep it in check? I just tear off leaves and sections of it when it starts getting in the way of something.
  • stuli67stuli67 Posts: 6
     :D  I'm pretty certain you're right!
  • stuli67stuli67 Posts: 6
    She wants to reclaim about 5ft of garden space from the wall in places so it's going to be severe. After that the plan is to do more regular pruning as you say and just keep it from spreading where it's not wanted.
  • FireFire Posts: 17,116
    I took mine down the ground in March and it has already completely re-covered my fence.
  • stuli67stuli67 Posts: 6
    Yes March is the usual time. But that's when growth is starting. As it prepares to shut down for winter, and especially as it's not mine (!) I want to know it'll be fine doing it in August.
    Glad to hear yours is back looking good... If that's what you wanted!
  • We inherited a row of these already no our back fence and I just cut off any excess growth as and when needed to keep it in check during the summer. I then also give it a good pruning in the early spring. I think they are pretty indestructible 😳
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  • I prune ours throughout the summer. Tough as old boots. You would probably be fine clearing a section now, but it will try to reclaim it so keep pruning next year.
  • stuli67stuli67 Posts: 6
    Ok Thanks everyone. Sounds like I'm good to go! 😬
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