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Hi guys please help me decide!!!

dsingh95dsingh95 Posts: 21
Hey there guys, hope all are well!I am looking for something to grow along this long but short in height wall, I’m hoping for something like ivy, or a climber that will run all the way along, I was considering putting mile a minute in a pot, then hoping for it to run all the way along, but if I did, would it start growing on the stones? Or if I grow Virginia creeper will that grow only on the wall(which is what I desire) or will it start growing on the stones and on the neighbors slate, please help!!!! Many thanks!!!


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,538
    Are you hoping to plant in the red gravelled bit? Keeping climbers or ivy to your side is likely to be a problem.  A plant pot containing anything plonked on top of the red bit is likely to get nicked unless you have an armed guard.
  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,357
    Can"t see just how high your wall is, but both of those would be way too vigorous if it were twice or three times the height!
    One solution might be to fit vine eyes and wires and then train a clematis to grow across. Not montana though...
    Or maybe a climbing rose could work, if it were one of the less energetic ones and the wall is high enough. You could also try some of the smaller ivies planted at intervals and keep them well pruned as they get near the top or try to spread into the gravel. That could give you some evergreen cover.
  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,234
    It looks about 4 courses high, so only maybe 12 to 18 inches. Pretty much any climber will want  to go higher than that and would spread out over the slate chippings. If you want to hide the front of the wall, a border on your side of it with a row of small shrubs might work better. Or maybe you could fasten some window box-type containers on the top of the wall and grow seasonal hanging bastet plants in them to trail over the edges.
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  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,065
    I agree with jenny, a border with a flowering hedge that can be pruned to keep tight against the wall - Pyracantha or Chaenomeles. Or even a box or yew hedge.
  • dsingh95dsingh95 Posts: 21
    Thank you for such an amazing response! The look which I would love is like a cottage look, which is why I wanted something that will climb across the wall which is a foot in height and 30ft in length, can you see in this picture, that is basically what I want but along the wall. Please keep your suggestions and advice coming as I really really am grateful! Thank you 
  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,160
    Ivy will ramble along a low wall quite happily but you will have to keep cutting it back or it will spread across the surrounding area. You will want one of the small leaved varieties as they are easier to keep under control. Be warned, once you plant ivy it is very difficult to get rid of it. There are some very nice variegated varieties and some with interesting leaf forms.
    You definitely don't want the white flowered plant in your picture. That is polygonum baldschuanicum, also known as" mile-a-minute vine" for good reason. It is far too vigorous and can cover a shed in a very short time.

  • B3B3 Posts: 24,505
    Mile a minute is crawling over trees higher than two storey houses. It's only 3gardens away and closing😱
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  • dsingh95dsingh95 Posts: 21
    Thank you everyone for your replies! I have decided against getting anything! Thank you so much for your help!!! Really really do appreciate it all! Many thanks to every single one of you guys! 
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