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Ideas for planters

I am looking for perennial plants for my planters all to be flowering for as long as possible and for ground cover and and some knee or less in height, the colour scheme is red, white, and blue  


  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,173
    White is fairly easy - Geranium sanguineum "album" or Lamium "White Nancy" for example. Some of the red penstemons or fuchsias or shrubby salvias might be hardy enough if not too exposed. Offhand I can't think of anything true blue (not mauvy/lilacy) that fits the bill, except maybe salvia "Blue note" which is a reasonable blue but has tiny flowers so it doesn't make a huge impact. There are blue pulmonaria and omphalodes, but they're spring flowerers. For colour that keeps going all summer you might be better with traditional bedding (red or white petunias, blue or white lobelia, red bedding salvias etc) but they'd need replacing every year.
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  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,058
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    Geranium Rozanne, Agastache Blue Fortune, Aster Monch are long flowering 'blues' (kind of mauvey blue really). Rozanne starts in early June, the other two start up in mid July onwards. Some of the shrubby salvias are long flowering reds (I'm sure I've seen some similar to Hotlips but all red). Gauras would be potential whites.
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