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DT GCSE - Bee Conservation Houses Discussion

What properties or requirements would you like a bee conservation house to have?
e.g. large, waterproof, compartments, food pot etc.
Based on the feedback and results I will be designing and building bee house which will meet these desires/requirements.
Thank you for your time x 


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,149
    Hi Selena.
    As you may know from my other posts, I'm not really in favour of a bee conservation house but if you have to make one, it must be a good design.
    It doesn't need to be aren't trying to accomodate all the bees within a five mile radius.
    Waterproof is good as any bee worth its salt would wish to stay dry when not out foraging.
    Compartments.....obviously a lot of bees are solitary and do not wish to go in for communal living.
    A food pot is unnecessary.....wild bees feed themselves quite nicely.
    You will doubtless have read pansyface's thoughts on the matter on your other thread so maybe when you design and build your bee unit, you should give some thought to the materials used and maybe try to keep these as natural as possible. That would not only benefit the environment, but also the bees as you would not be using treated wood or toxic paints.
    The ideal bee home would be an area of wild countryside with an old wall but I doubt your teachers would be too pleased if you submitted a tray of turf and weeds and a few bricks.

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