Leaning crabapple

Hi - very amateur gardener here! I planted a crabapple in my small front garden around 2 years ago. This spring/summer it has started to lean to one side (picture attached). 

I’m aware crabapples should be pruned in late winter/early spring and understand that they don’t like hard pruning. 

Do you have any advice about how to prune this tree and whether it can be ‘straightened out’?



  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 338
    I'm not sure about pruning but unless you want a very tall tree I would cut the leader back when it is dormant. This might also reduce its tendency to lean. Looking at the tree, the bottom of the trunk looks straight so I might hazard a guess that it is now growing towards the sun. It looks to have been planted in quite a shady spot. Making it grow straight and getting the bend out looks difficult if it is trying to get into the sun.
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