Broccoli has no heads

i planted broccoli plants in a new ‘no dig’ bed with several inches of farmyard manure topped with compost.  There are no heads but the plants are huge.  Are they ok? Do I just need more patience?  Should I prune them? New to veg!  Btw I live in NE Scotland. 


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    Is there a chance that these are the delicious Purple Sprouting Broccoli rather than the large-headed type of broccoli which used to be called Calabrese?

    If they are PSB then I wouldn’t expect them to be producing a crop until late winter/early spring (depending on variety). 

    They look lovely plants 👍 They may need staking with a firmly inserted tomato cane to prevent wind-rock in the winter winds. 

    NO PRUNING!!! 😉 
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    Too much manure.  In crop rotation systems, potatoes follow manuring, the next year is legumes and the 3rd year is brassicas after adding lime which helps with club root. 

    They'll happily just keep producing foliage until they feel stressed enough to need to re-produce by making flowers.   They're hardy so I suggest patience to see if you get some flowers later on.  Meanwhile, I'd advise picking over every plant to remove caterpilars and any eggs and then erect some netting to keep butterflies out.  That way you may at least get some greens to eat, even if they don't flower before the frosts come.

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