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The Two Plants I Hate Most Right Now.....



  • Pheobe33Pheobe33 Posts: 20
    So that's what that purple clover like leaf is in all my pots!
    I did buy some acanthus from a NGS open day earlier this year and later read on the forum that it is a trouble to dig out, I've just got spiky leaves at the moment and looking forward to it blooming.
    My 2 weeds of the week are ground elder and "mind your own business"
    GE, which I had never heard of until last year, after covering half the garden in weed suppressant material then gravel, it has now crept under my concrete path and sprung up in the lawn.
    Also the "mind your own business" that has taken over the block paving down the side of the house, when we moved it it was a green carpet, I scraped, power-washed then brushed anti-weed sand in it in May but I can see the green furry lines reappearing.
    I also have bindweed, ivy, nettles and milkweed but at our last house we had horsetail instead of GE so it's swings and roundabouts.

  • As a knotweed veteran (war ended in 2014 and I won), I'm not going to stress about some namsy pamsy wood sorrel!!! I'm sorry, but unless you have spent days, weeks and months on your knees with a syringe, a scalpel and a gallon of glyphosate, I'm not going to listen to winging. Wood sorrel is an entry level invasive. Man up guys! lol 
  • And as for bindweed.....pah!!
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