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Does anyone one know.

I'm just putting the final touches to my greenhouse and decided to add some shelves to the frame. I've looked online for 8" greenhouse shelf brackets but have only been able to find 6" and 10". I have been given one set of 8" one's and would like to get 2 more sets, anyone know where I can buy them. 


  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 8,847
    This place sells brackets suitable for 8" (200mm) shelves. Try searching in metric sizes and see if that brings anything up.

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  • Hi wild edges thanks for your reply, I did try both way but nothing came up. As I'll need two sets for the size I need it would cost me over £50 from that company and I will need more. Some company must sell the as I was given one pair. 
  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 21,137
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  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 4,053
    Are you planning on putting a wooden shelf up? If so, you would get away with using 6 inch brackets that can screw on to the wood. Had a scout around and it seems 6 inch and 10 inch are the only ones available now.  
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  • Lyn and hogweed, thanks both for your replies. After searching the net I found these on Two West & Elliott Ltd, P&P is £2.99. Son is outside checking to make sure they won't come out too far If they don't come out to far I'll order them tonight. 
    Wall Mounted Shelf Brackets
    Sku: SBWM10
    Width : 10" Wide

    set of two  £4.35 so two sets  £8.70 total £11.69p
  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 21,137
    Is that free postage  from Two west’s.?
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • No Lyn, each pair of brackets cost £4.35 so two pairs = £8.70 and then £2.99 P&P which makes the final total including P&P  £11.69 which is a good price.
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