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Plant identification and Leaf miners D:

Hi there ! Hope all are doing well 

I have two problems :3 

The first is the appearance of several new plants , ones I'm not aware of sowing or planting in the areas they grew , they must have seeded naturally , if anyone can identify them I'd be extremely grateful ! 

The pictures never come in the order I send them >:( 

The second problem is to do with several of the borage species in the garden , the thick leaves appear to be host to leaf mining insect pupae , my question is rather simple though , will italian alkanets and vipers buglosses survive these maggots ? 

Thank you very much for your time :3 

John Joe 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    Not great with seedlings, but I think photo 2 could be Thalictrum leaves. Photo 4 - the way it is growing, looks like Lathyrus Latifolius. Photo 6 - maybe Hollyhock leaves.
  • I think photo 2 are Aquilegia seedlings and agree photo 4 looks like a perennial sweet pea and 6 looks like a hollyhock. The others I’m not so sure.
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