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Rusty bird feeder

I have a metal bird feeder which is getting rusty and I want to renovate it before I need to feed during autumn/winter. It is multi-purpose with hanging hooks for feeders, a (plastic) water tray and food tray. 
Can I use Hammerite, or other similar product, to repaint the rusty bits (not the elements from which birds would feed), or is this not good for the would the paint fumes affect them?
Any advice welcome.


  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
    I think that by the time the bird feeder was needed, the fumes would be long gone. My arch is painted with the same paint and my bird numbers have increased from nil to lots but that is probably due to the best restaurant in town given the caterpillars I haven't destroyed (but they have layed waste to my plants!)
  • TopbirdTopbird Mid SuffolkPosts: 7,571
    Can't see any problem using Hammerite. To be on the safe side I would ensure the paint is completely dry / hard / cured before using the feeder (probably leave it a week or so). You don't want anybody landing on slightly soft paint and ending up with minute traces on their feet or beaks. 
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